AU Diary: Should I DDR Or Shoot Some Hoops?

I recently made a bit of an idiot of myself for a promo opp. But then, I often make an ass of myself in the name of 'amusing content'. Like this notorious occasion. Here you get to choose whether you see me try to rapid-fire shoot some arcade hoops, or whether I try to burn up the floor on DDR.

Here's the video. You can go leave a (preferably nice) comment on the actual YouTube video if you want the vote to count.

I believe this closes tomorrow before the winning conclusion goes pubic.


    DDR would be much more entertaining to watch...

    DDR is too often used to look like a useless idoit...

    DO IT!!! (^^)

    DDR for sure, tubby nerd with beard on that thing rather than the clich'e you see on DDR says funny to me.

    DDR - expert mode - Max 300 or Max Unlimited
    Drum mania - expert mode - Concertino in Blue
    Guitar Freaks - expert mode - Agnus Dei
    Shoot some hoops.

    Nice DDR playing :)

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