AU Diary: Who Wants A Stimulus Package?

Activision kindly sent me a download code for Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Package DLC. Which was nice. Except I don't play Modern Warfare 2. But I figure at least one you must play it.

So I'll be tweeting parts of the 25-character code via my personal Twitter over the course of the evening. First person to successfully redeem the complete code will get the DLC.

To start you off, here's the first section: JQ6FM.

Good luck!


    You could just send it to me! haha

    xbox only?

      Yep, the DLC is only available for 360 at present.

    I cant find you on twitter...

      There's only one of me on there.

    Thanks David! My regular looking at this site for updates has paid off in another form!

    Legend! Thanks again buddy

    I totally would have had this if I'd realised the first part of the code was on the site. :(

    stupid twitter...I was looking for David Wildgoose when it WAS davidwildgoose...I would have this also..

    D'awwwww... couldn't you have been more creative with this give away?

    Write a limerick about Modern Warfare 2, list your top five facts about Captain Price's facial hair, give Ramirez an order... "RAMIREZ! Sew that leg back on and defend Burger Town with nothing but a spoon and some dental floss!"...etc, and judge the best one? :p

      Or at least a double entendre contest about stimulating packages

    You don't play MW2? What sort of games journalist are you?



    unfortunately i missed out but i must say good way to do a competition. I hate those ones where you gotta write a response.. too hard and waste of time!!

    The only good Map out of the 5 would be Bailout, I hate Salvage

      Haven't come across Salvage yet. Personally, I'm liking them, but I'm liking the ping tweaks much more. Entire night of green bar gaming yesterday, had a blast!

    I bought a $500.00 pair of Shure earphones and a carton of VB with my Aussie stimulus package

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