Aussie Nintendo Store: A Mega Update

What’s new this week for WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console in Australia? Let’s find out from Vooks.

It's a mega retro-inspired week this week, and yes that's a pun.

Mega Man 10 is out on WiiWare this week for PAL regions, and Wii owners are lucky to get it first before the HD consoles. Not that resolution here matters as like Mega Man 9 this new title is again in retro flavours. The game also contains an 'easy' mode this time around just in case you find the game too hard, it's unashamed retro goodness and it's hard. Mega Man 10 sets you back 1000 points.

WiiWare also gets another shot of retro infused goodness this week as Bit. Trip Void finally makes it to PAL regions, the third game in the Bit. Trip series. In this one you control a 'void' that you move around the screen collecting black blocks, as you collect more black block you grow in size but you’ll need to look out for those peaky white blocks. Bit Trip Void is a mere 600 points.

DSiWare is chock-a-block this week with three games for Australians, although we miss out on Globulos Party. The biggest title another retro-inspired title in Dark Void Zero. It's retro-inspired in that it looks and plays like an old school game but is based on the story of the new Dark Void game which hit HD consoles not too long ago. But don't feel bad that we didn't get that, the DSiWare version, some might say, is a better game overall.

This week also features another Gameloft game in the form of Real Football 2010. It probably differs from last year’s version somewhat but with sport games who can really tell. There's also some more pinball action this week from the creators of the great and underrated Metroid Prime Pinball and that game is Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon. It's based on a real table so nothing that couldn't happen on a real pinball machine happens on this one. The last release is another book in the Flips series, called The Bubonic Builders; again this is a kids book series all nice and interactive on the DSi.

And again this week there is no... no wait, there is a Virtual Console game this week and this time it's a Virtual Console Arcade title. It's arcade classic Zaxxon, a upright game from Sega. It's only 500 points.

WiiWare BIT. TRIP VOID (Aksys) - 600 Points Mega Man 10 (Capcom) - 1000 Points

DSiWare Dark Void Zero (Capcom) - 500 Points Flips The Bubonic Builders (EA) - 500 Points Real Football 2010 (Gameloft) - 800 Points

Virtual Console Zaxxon (Sega) - 500 Points

The Aussie Nintendo Store Update is brought to you by Vooks. Go check out his excellent unofficial Nintendo site.


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