Aussie Nintendo Store: A Miserable Little Pile Of Secrets

Well what a downer this week turned out to be- the start of a Hanabi festival, a previously unreleased Castlevania game and five new DSiWare titles. Well, we only got the start of the Hanabi festival. Seems Nintendo has diddled us out of Castlevania Rondo of Blood for this week but it’s not all bad... just not as good as it was going to be.

So if you’re unfamiliar, the Hanabi Festival is when Nintendo offers us a bunch of different Virtual Console games (remember those?) over a couple of weeks. These games are special, however, as they were never previously released in PAL regions. That special nature makes them 100 points more expensive of course.

This week's first Virtual Console game is Ironclad, a horizontal shoot ‘em up from the Neo Geo. It’s what you expect from a shoot ‘em up, but it is also very special because it is the first Neo Geo import. The other title this week is Lode Runner from the NES. Unless you have a tingling case of nostalgia, you’ll probably want to basically ignore it and go for the better TG-16 import we got ages ago.

WiiWare has one lone game this week, but don’t let that put you down. The game is Military Madness: Nectaris, which is a revival of sorts for Hudson's strategy series. Think Advance Wars, but in a hexagon (which is ironic, because Advance Wars came after the original). This one will set you back 1000 points.

And finallly DSiWare, we Aussies just get the one game (well it’s an app) this week instead of the five Europe are. Why? Because of the cost of classification most likely. 4 Travellers: Play Spanish is a Spanish language tutor, but it only has 240 words... so we’re not sure how that’s going to work and why we in Australia really need it. It’s 800 points if you feel you have to learn 240 words of Spanish on your DSi.

WiiWare Military Madness Nectaris (Hudson) - 1000 Points

DSiWare 4 TRAVELLERS - Play Spanish (AGENIUS Interactive) - 500 Points

Virtual Console Lode Runner (NES, Hudson) - 600 Points Ironclad (NEO GEO, D4 Enterprise) - 1000 Points

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