Australian BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Gets Console-Specific Bonuses

Australian BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Gets Console-Specific Bonuses

That previously announced Aussie release date for BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger has come and gone. But with a delay comes a couple of console-specific bonuses. Let’s take a look.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is the new 2D fighting game from 2D fighting specialists and Guilty Gear developer Arc Works Systems.

It was meant to be out in Australia on February 10. It’ll now be out on March 25.

If you pick up the PlayStation 3 edition, you can get yourself a BlazBlue branded arcade stick at no extra cost. The RRP is $109.95.

Or, if you pick up the Xbox 360 edition, you can get yourself two BlazBlue branded controller faceplates at no extra cost. The RRP is again $109.95.

Which bonus are you going to choose?


  • Considering how incredibly bad the 360’s D-pad is, it’s like they got the bonuses backward as far as utility goes.

    Personally, neither for me. I’ve had the game since last year.

    • Neither of those bonuses excite me either. Like yourself I just wouldn’t use the 360 gamepad for a fighting game. The joystick for the PS3 looks awfully small and not of a particularly ergonomic design.

      Considering the brand awareness for BlazBlue over here I think most people buying the game will likely have their own sticks.

      I’d have preferred something like the US editions got (DVD + soundtrack).

      Anyway despite owning it I don’t have the luxury of not buying it again since most of my online friends are XBL based and I’ve only got the PS3 version atm. 😛

  • I don’t understand why we are getting these cheap useless pieces of junk when in Europe they are getting a ltd edition that includes an Artbook & Moveset DVD. Way to shaft us distributors!

  • Not worth the wait at all, after all this time guess im gonna import the UK version from gameshop au. ($48AU)

    These “Aussie” extras suck bad.

  • I’d like to point out you can get the superior PAL limited edition delivered from for under $70 which comes with art book etc and the SE is going for less.

    I’ve had the game since last year myself but don’t be alarmed if you see me online in March because I still totally suck at the game!

  • Well, I never had an arcade stick, and I’ve no use for face plates seeing as I look at the screen while gaming over the controller, so I guess I’ll grab the PS3 version.

  • Wow… talk about shafted @[email protected]

    Lets do some maths –

    Average price of 360 Pad Faceplates – 12-15 Dollars

    Cheapest price range for arcade sticks – 30 for generic brand and 50-60 for the more decent Hori sticks

    So exactly what makes the 360 version the same price as the PS3?? More expensive cardboard boxes? o_O

  • Eh…. Picked this up in a Shin Tokyo store before christmas. Unless the DLC is worth it on 360, I’m not bothered.

  • I preferred the US release bonus… being released 9 months earlier.

    Oh right, it also had a tutorial disc and soundtrack… just to rub it in.

    Bring on Continuum Shift in July.

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