Awkward: Zelda Music On Reality TV Show

There's a big TV show called America's Got Talent. Britain's Got Talent too. Even Norway has it, and we like Norway's the best, as it's the only one with uncomfortable live renditions of a song from Ocarina of Time.

The real action begins at 2:20 in the clip above, but if you'd like to sit through a couple of minutes of presenters asking two kids what the hell the Legend of Zelda is, feel free to go from the start.

It's so awkward. For everyone involved. Especially the guy with the beard. Not the Eric Clapton-looking judge, the ocarina-playing guy on stage.

[thanks Mr. P!]


    Dear Norway,

    Please restrain your nerds, especially the ones who think they can replicate the legendary works of Koji Kondo. They cannot.

    The Internet.

    That rendition was really awkward. It's a pity that the beardy guy couldn't play the ocarina well at all, and he lost his composure under scrutiny as well. Still, at least they made an effort.
    Now, to download that DK album from OC Remix...

      Yeah, no offense to the guy, but he came across like he's been playing it for a couple of weeks.

    that was a nice melody either way as far as it got....

    Why'd they go with Epona's song? If they'd have done something more dramatic they'd probably gotten a better response. Bolero of Fire would've done nicely. Down-A, Down-A, Right-Down, Right-Down.

    hey it does look like clapton!

    love clapton

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