Backbreaker Delayed, Now Going Head-to-Head With UFC

Major retailers and multiple sites have all listed Backbreaker with a release date of May 25, one week later than originally planned. If so, the real news here is the football newcomer is going straight up against UFC Undisputed 2010.

That is, to say the least, not an ideal time for a new sports title to be taking on the highly anticipated sequel to one of the genre's top sellers in 2009, much less a team sports game without a league licence. While Backbreaker has amassed plenty of buzz, much through its use of the Euphoria engine, you're still talking about a game releasing outside of its sport's season and forcing the choice on sports consumers. It's like running the USFL's opening day up against the NCAA Tournament final. (For the record, the USFL didn't; it started the first weekend of March.)

Sure, Backbreaker can sell on days other than the first one. It can sell a month down the line. But this decision diminishes the opportunity for word-of-mouth spread, and, I'd argue, sends the message that it's OK if this isn't a day-one purchase.

I've contacted a 505 representative to ask if the delay is official; any comment they make will be updated here.

Backbreaker Release Pushed Back a Week [Pasta Padre]


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