Bad Company 2 Might Go Mac As Well

With Mac computers the flavour of the week, Battlefield developers DICE are not ones to be left on the bandwagon, saying that they're "currently investigating" bringing Battlefield Bad Company 2 to Apple's platform.

DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson said as much yesterday, Tweeting "We're currently investigating the possibility of making BFBC2 available on Mac". Pretty clear, that.

It's the first time the developers have looked at the Mac since 2007, when Battlefield 2142 was released on the platform.

Battlefield Possibly Making Its Return To Mac Thanks To Steam [UGDB]


    BC2 requires quite a bit of computer resources to run sufficiently, even my moderate laptop can't run anything above low.

    This would definately not work very well for the majority of apple owners devoid of a video card.

    Can a mac even run it? Do macs even have anything resembling a decent graphics card? >.>

      I agree. I just read an articles with people saying the latest Macs are running ATI 4XXX cards, so if that is true, well I don't see it running well on just about any settings but maybe low. While it is good for them to do cross-platform stuff, it would only work if the game looked somewhat decent and ran without any major issues.

      I know my monster of a gaming PC can't run it with maxed out settings (i7, DDR3, GTX295) as I lag in some parts of multiplayer and likely in singleplayer to though I've not tried it maxed out there.

    For godssake *please* make sure it's running without issues on the PC first eh?

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