Bad Company 2 Video Spoofs Modern Warfare 2's "F.A.G.S." PSA

When Battlefield: Bad Company 2 riffed on rival Modern Warfare 2's "Mapathy" promo last week, it could be seen as a playful poke. This, however - a comprehensive parody of October's infamous "F.A.G.S." video - is a straight-up nutshot.

For those not familiar with C.C. Sabathia or why he would be in this video, his team, the New York Yankees, triumphed in the World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies, whose ace Cole Hamels is a noted Modern Warfare enthusiast and appeared in the "Fight Against Grenade Spam" PSA about a week before his team was defeated.

Hamels, you may remember, pretended to raise awareness of the social ill of grenade spamming in last year's Internet-only viral video. But the obvious acronym made by the name of his cause got Infinity Ward in a bit of a mess, and the video was removed about 48 hours after Infinity Ward placed it on YouTube. Let's also note the contrived "F.R.A.G.S." acronym, with the R (for "Really") italicized in the title card. That is what many (including one of Kotaku's own commenters) said Infinity Ward should have done to both keep their trailer's edge flavour while avoiding the sour tinge of homophobia.

So, let's see: Make fun of a direct competitor's game. Make fun of an embarrassing situation for them. Punk their celebrity endorser. Check, check and check, mate.

If Electronic Arts is willing to go get a major league baseball all-star - and EA doesn't make a baseball game, so it's not like they had a relationship already - to clown Activision and Infinity Ward, what's next? Will they fire DICE's co-founders?

[thanks to Jay for noticing and sending this along]


    Oh god EA, you just keep bringing me back into the fold day after day after day this last year lol! That was just brilliant! lol!

    I'll admit that was a great smear on Activison/Infinityward...... (here it comes)


    Sure, you can advertise your better and take the micky out of company that is your direct rival, but you when you fail to deliver the core component you had driving your advertising (Reliable dedi servers) you lose all credibility.

    Improve the damn server browser/server side issues and stop wasting money on slanderise advertising. Surely that would please your paying customers? o.O

      Why does everyone think that BC2's server browser is the anti-christ, i've had no problems with it due to using it right, using the search filters and ordering by player pop I look for servers with Aus or hosted by, the issues with finding a server are nonexistant. Only few problems were some tiny bugs (the mp scoreboard) and medic being an ungodly defibing, 200+ bullet spouting badarse, though this is a nice rip on MW2, nice to see some balls in the business,

    I bloody love how these guys just keep ripping on mw2. Keep em coming I say.

    'Will they fire DICE’s co-founders?'

    Oh Snap.

    Surely a one up over Activision when they fired Zampella and West would be to promote the two DICE founders not sack them :P

    Great video btw :P Laughed so hard :)

    A developer with a sense of humour? More please!

    I'm really hoping they release mock security camera footage of the DICE founders being dragged out back and shot (with one of the EA big shots stealing their wallets afterward).

      Would be kinda cool to see the Bad Company guys storm the EA offices and drag the President and VP out in a hail of gunfire with security, drag them into armored cars, drive off at top speed... then realise they got the wrong guys...

    No, a one up would be to fire the whole DICE management.

    Wouldn't it be more fitting to use
    Friends! Rally Against Grenade Spam

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