Badass PSP Game Rumbles To The Top Of Japan's Bestsellers List

Tough guy simulator Kenka Bancho 4: Ichinen Sensou is Japan's bestselling video game, the latest entry in the series that has made its way stateside under the name Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble. It dethrones Capcom's Biohazard 5 re-release this week.

While Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition (aka Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition) couldn't hold onto first place again this week, it's only bumped down to third, sitting behind Kenka Banco 4 for PSP and Super Robot Wars OG: Saga Endless Frontier Exceed for the Nintendo DS. That's better than Heavy Rain and Dante's Inferno, two PlayStation 3 games that quickly slipped off the chart.

There are plenty of new releases in this week's Media Create software chart, including the Japanese release of Borderlands, BlazBlue Portable and the re-release of Demon's Souls. See all—make that 30—of Japan's top sellers for the week of February 22 to 28 in the list below.

01. Kenka Bancho 4: Ichinen Sensou (PSP) - 72,000 / NEW

02. Super Robot Wars OG: Saga Endless Frontier Exceed (DS) - 65,000 / NEW

03. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (PS3) - 48,000 / 191,000

04. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii) - 45,000 / 3,412,000

05. God Eater (PSP) - 45,000 / 514,000

06. Hot Shots Tennis Portable (PSP) - 45,000 / NEW

07. Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 4 - Kami no Hitomi to Akuma no Heso (DS) - 41,000 / NEW

08. Tomodachi Collection (DS) - 33,000 / 2,882,000

09. Wii Fit Plus (Wii) - 30,000 / 1,694,000

10. Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi(DS) - 26,000 / 1,244,000

11. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Dai Yon Kan - Kizuna (DS)

12. Demon's Souls (the Best) (PS3)

13. Borderlands (Xbox 360)

14. Kiniro no Corda 3 (PSP)

15. Power Pro Success Legends (PSP)

16. Estpolis: The Lands Cursed by the Gods (DS)

17. BlazBlue Portable (PSP)

18. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS)

19. Monster Hunter 2nd G Portable (the Best) (PSP)

20. Espgaluda II: Black Label (Xbox 360)

21. Wii Sports Resort (Wii)

22. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (PS3)

23. Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Kizuna no Tag Battle (PSP)

24. Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver (DS)

25. Daikaijuu Battle: Ultra Coliseum DX - Ultra Senshi Daishuuketsu (Wii)

26. One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 1 - Nami ni Yureru Hihou (Minna no Susume Selection) (Wii)

27. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)

28. Kiniro no Corda 3 (PS2)

29. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia (DS)

30. Inazuma Eleven 2: Fire / Blizzard (DS)

Media Create Weekly Software Sales [Gpara]


    They've improved the Kenka Bancho game significantly over the previous game.

    Did i just see 2 Xbox 360 games in the Top 30 in ONE week. Umm wow?

    At least the Japanese used their heads and got Borderlands on 360 rather than PS3. Unless they only released a 360 version then it would make more sense cause the Japs don't really use their heads much when it comes to buying video games.

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