Ballot Puts Gamers 4 Croydon Above Atkinson


    Well that will take donkey votes away from Atkinson. At least the donkeys who vote randomly.

    gotta think maybe a % or 2 of the constituency are also shallow enough to throw a vote based on gender.

    could work in favour for us, who knows :)

    Lets go Croydon. We know you can do it.

    Huzzah, lets hope the donkey votes are plentiful.

    I actually got my hopes up when I read this. Dang.

    Hahaha, he is getting T-bagged!

      First of all it's "tea bagging" as in the drink. Secondly, it looks like the R18+ vote is all but won when we have comment from juvenile clowns like this.

    I need a witty pun about having the moral high ground...

    How come Atkinson has his middle name printed? BIAS! BIAAASSSS!

    No, really. Is his first name Michael John? Didn't know that.

      Probably cashing in on the religious vote having two biblical names.....

      Within reason, you're allowed to have your name on the ballot paper however you like. He's just the only one who chose to have his middle name on there.

    He might be above, but he's not first on the list so it doesn't matter. Move on.

    Hes gonna say Gamers hacked the House of Assembly.

    Just a quick reminder to those in SA that G4C are running candidates in SEVERAL electorates (not mine, unfortunately), so you don't have to be in Croydon to be able to vote for them.

    They've also got an upper house candidate who we should ALL be voting for (at least if we consider the R18+ to be a vote-worthy issue), regardless of what electorate we're in.

    Wouldn't surprise me if he levelled some unreasonable charge of hacking against the electoral commission if he lost.

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