Bargain Hunter: Is This The Best Wii Bundle Ever?

Bargain Hunter: Is This The Best Wii Bundle Ever?

That’s what EB Games reckons it’s got with its new black Wii bundle, anyway. What do you reckon?

EB Games Australia tweeted yesterday about its new Wii deal, on sale April 1, declaring it “our BEST Wii bundle ever.”

For $398, which is basically the standard RRP for the Wii console, you get a black console (with black Wiimote and Nunchuk) and five “free” games. Said games are Wii Sports (which comes packed-in with every Wii), Wii Sports Resort (which comes packed-in with most every Wii), Big Beach Sports (which is terrible), Big Family Games (which is also terrible) and Cooking Party (which is, yes, terrible).

So, that’s regular price for the console and its pack-in game, plus they throw in one decent game for free. Hardly worthy of a “best ever” tag, I’d have thought. (Unless it’s an opaque April Fool’s gag.)

What’s the best Wii bundle you’ve seen?

Black Nintendo Wii + 5 FREE games [EB Games]


  • It may be EB’s best Wii deal ever, but THE best deal would be a black Wii plus five games which aren’t steaming piles of plop.

  • GAME have a bundle for the same price with the same amount of games, although instead of Resort it’s Zelda, and the 3 games are TMNT Smash Up, Big Beach and Link’s Crossbow Teaining with the Wii Zapper.

    Same price, better games. I’d much prefer Zelda over Resort if I didn’t already have it. Smash Up isn’t overly bad either, at least it’s better than the junk EB are offering.

  • This is correct, for EB Games standards, against other stores it doesn’t hold up so well…

    They clearly didn’t emphasise the correct word, “OUR best Wii bundle ever.”

    Now it’s correct! 🙂

  • I’d like to see a proper “dark side” wii pack to celebrate the new paint job, the wii and a spare wiimote and nunchuck, mad world, umbrella chronicles, house of the dead overkill, and conduit.

  • seriously who would even buy a wii this day and age, you’d think people would cotton on that like 97% of wii games released are just plain awful.

    • To be fair, since it became a casual console, it’s been spammed with half-assed games that rely on inexperienced consumers for sales.
      It’s not nintendo’s fault, it’s consumers for making them marketable.
      Still, with nintendo making money hand over fist on the systems, i doubt they’ll complain now.

  • You can get a black Wii on GAME online for $350. I just re-bought a white Wii from Cashies for $150, so cheap!

  • You also have to consider with this bundle that you’d be buying it at EB too.

    Add another 20% on for shame tax.

  • Gametraders Woodcroft and Gametraders Marion are selling Black Wii’s on their own for $329! And Pre-played regular Wiis for $229!

  • I want the stolen seconds of my life back that I spent clicking through and reading about this execrable Wii bundle. Slow news day?

  • GAME have

    Black wii
    Zelda Twilight
    TMNT Smash Up
    Big Beach Sports
    Wii Zapper with Links crossbow training


  • Eb never does a good game and console game pack. They just try to pan off bad quality children’s games. My local

    • Didnt mind their 360 120gb + 5 games for $399 deal
      ufc/odst/forza… lego batman… pure

      yeh still not to bad considering i bought my 360 120gb awhile ago for 650 – no games :\

      Wii deal isnt too bad, good for the kids

  • I’m guessing people that hate wii have no friends to play wii with… hang on, let me just clarify… have no IRL friends to play wii with. Resort is awesome for when people come around. Before that, Wii Sports was good.
    I’m not saying you should get a Wii if you can only afford one console, but there’s only so many rounds of buzz you can play on PS3, and when you’ve got “non-gamers” around the Wii is on par with buzz.

  • Gimme- Black console as boxed; New Super Mario Bros; Tatsunoko v Capcom; Red Steel 2; Metroid Prime Trilogy; Res Evil Darkside Chronicles. For $398.

    Then I’ll buy it.

  • Get the new Black Wii now! It’s BLACK! BLACK!!! It’s HARDCORE!!! And with your new Wii BLACK HARDCORE you can play such HARDCORE games as Wii Sports Resort, Big Beach Sports and COOKING PARTY!!!

  • EB Games roflwaffle
    When I read the article I thought you honestly found something amazing.
    But I think I would have preferred getting my Wii (which I just bought vanilla for $399, unfortunately) than this. Takes up less space.

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