Battlefield 1943 Sells A Million; PC Version Still Coming 'Soon'

Electronic Arts today boasted that Battlefield 1943 sold a million copies over Xbox Live, the fastest game ever to do so. But for those wondering when this game will release for PC, there's still no info more specific than "soon".

"The reception of Battlefield 1943 continues to amaze us, even months after the game was released," EA DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke said in a statement. "The game has set a new standard for what can be done in the downloadable games category. It's fantastic to see how gamers have recognised the value that the game delivers for just $US15. It is another great entry point into the Battlefield franchise."

Battlefield 1943 released in July 2009, meaning this game hit seven figures in a little over eight months. It had a record-breaking debut, moving 600,000 copies - for both Xbox 360 and PS3 - in its first two weeks.

But those waiting for word on a PC version of the game still have nothing more concrete than "The game will soon also be available for PC," at the end of EA's statement today.

EA'S Battlefield 1943 Sells 1M Units on Xbox LIVE Arcade [News Release]


    Hahha, yeah I'm glad I didn't wait for it on PC.

    God im still waiting for the fraggin pc version. It was meant to be out a month ago! Its taking too long. Forget it.

    10 bucks says they add it as DLC for BC2... it already has half the weapons in it anyway.

    *looks at watch*

    Soon can't come soon enough...

    i wonder how much it will cost, seeing the consoles only got 3 maps, though they are taking their time with this. is there any point buying it when most of the community are playing BC2?

    should of been released before BC2


    Should have been released not long after the console version. I would have bought it on day 1 from steam if it was available. I hope the PC version gets something extra with it, like an extra map or extra weapon.

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