Battlefield Bad Company 2 Players Prefer PC To Console

These days, multiplatform games tend to be dominated by console gamers. Modern Warfare 2, for example, has a relatively tiny PC-playing community. Not so for Battlefield Bad Company 2!

DICE associate producer Barrie Tingle has revealed that at the moment, during the week of the game's retail release, more people are playing the PC version of the game than both the 360 and PS3 editions combined either console version.

UPDATE: Tingle has since corrected our misinterpretation of his comments. He updated his post with "Noticed on Kotaku that this post was taken the wrong way. The PC had more players than either console not more than both consoles combined. You'll need to work to beat both consoles combined effort."

Sure, Battlefield is a franchise with its spiritual home on the PC, but still. It's nice to see not everybody has abandoned the ol' mouse and keyboard in favour of the couch and a Dualshock 3.

Updates to the servers now and soon [EA, thanks Ryan!]


    Is the the beginning of the rise of the PC gamer?

      The software will rise again!

    It helps if you don't shaft your original fanbase.

    Its more awesome to play shooters on pc. Ive seen really good players on modern warfare/counterstrike doing crap that is impossible on pad. Games are more flexible too :D.

    PC FTW. By the way, how many of those players have apirated copy?

    And something tells me they werent expecting it. The back end infrastructure is being crippled by the amount of people trying to play.

    Too bad it takes forever to find a spot in a server

    Hey... someone made a game that didn't completely fuck over the PC community and guess what happened... people bought it...

    That's probably because right now, BC2 is looking like what MW2 should have been.

    I found that if you check all the filter boxes (and set a mode, like Conquest) but not Punkbuster; then sort your results by ping, the servers come up quite fast.

    However, the filter options should have a similar option to Steam's Server Browser(s), where you can sort by filter range: <50, 50-150, 150-250, 250-350, 350-450, 450+

      You cant sort servers by their ping. Ping display isnt working.

        Last time I checked it was working.

        Depends on the server, about 1 3rd of them work.

        Not 100% true. They are using a stupid ping method that gets blocked by most firewalls. Check out the web for fixes.

    Of course it has a bigger PC fanbase than MW2... it has Dedicated Servers.

    The key to any online PC gamer's heart.

    Cause this wasn't predictable considering PC gamers were robbed with MW2.

    Had MW2 been given dedicated servers, firstly Bad Company 2 wouldn't be receiving the attention it is getting on PC. And Console would probably be selling better.

    Okay - MW2 may not be as great as expected even without the dedicated server situation, but it would be selling even greater had it received that feature.

    Wow. I could not be happier about this. After Infinity Ward/Activision's decision to shun the PC gamer, causing many other developers to follow suit, it's really wonderful to see a company support the community that made it, and have that pay off big time!

    You guys know this was proven as bullshit by a DICE dev right? I'd get the link but I am not going through the forums right now.

    actually this means sales have been poor for the shooter

    Pish, Shewed statistics, BFBC2 is not released on Ps3 in Oz, so naturally people will be getting into it more by comparison, I would be interested to see the stats in a week or two

      Well played, sir.

      That's just what I thought when I first saw this article. Though as most publishes treat Australia as a drop in the pool compared to the US market (not without reason) it'll be interesting to see if there is enough of us to make a difference.

      I have pc, X360 and PS3 and i wouldn't consider getting this game on anything other then PC. I was so happy to see that they actually put some effort into supporting PC to it's potential too. With all they said about borderlands having PC as the ultimate platform as soon as i loaded it up if felt like they hadn't really cared about it much. Feels so clunky as though all they did to make it work on the PC was swap the key-binding.

    Who said PC gaming is dead? We just wanted a real pc game :P
    Thanks for telling us how great MW2 is Jay, anyway I might go pick this up, I've been shying away from non-valve fps's for a while, might be time to hit the scene again.

    I pre-ordered the CE on PC quite some time ago, mostly as a big F U to Infinity Ward. Although i enjoy the game. The server browser and the incredibly long time it takes me to load into a game are a turnoff. Will be picking this up on PS3 this week.

    heh, if I recall, COD spiritual home was PC too.

    the difference? BFBC's devs weren't arrogant pricks and actually made a PC game PC gamers would want to buy!

    I got it on the PC because it supported dedicated servers... unfortunately, the ingame server browser is a peice of s**t

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