Battlefield Drops SecuROM DRM

The Steam version of EA's Battlefield Bad Company 2 is about to get a new patch, and amidst the little tweaks and fixes is some welcome news: the game's SecuROM DRM software will also be uninstalled.

SecuROM has been a pain in the ass of every PC gamer since it first turned up a few years back, so every time it's rolled back should go down as a win for the little guy.

It's the latest in a series of moves by publisher EA, which has scaled back the influence of SecuROM in its PC games in recent months following the disastrous launch of Spore. Dragon Age never had it, Mass Effect's was removed, and now this.

Note, however, this applies only to the Steam version of the game. Guess EA felt Steam's own authentication routines were good enough.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Patched; SecuROM DRM Removed from Steam Version [Shacknews]


    Finally EA is realizing Securom is causing more damage than good.

    Perhaps now that the game has been available for X amount of time the likely hood of a large number of sales being lost to piracy is reduced.

    Nice, I'm glad I bought the game before, I'm really glad now.

    Now if they remove the Online authentication on some of their games that would be good :D

      yeah go pirates :|

        I think the issue is more about not punishing the paying customers, rather than making it easier to pirate (especially when it has already been done). This game looked good. I might buy it now.

        Steam is DRM I can handle.

    Fix the damn connectivity/Servers!
    K thx bai! xD

    so it now it goes from having two lots of DRM to one? right...

    when it had two, that was still two too many.

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