Bend Over, Here Comes Some Awesome Street Fighter Fan Art

As drawn by Melbourne artist BossLogic. Check the full Street Fighter art gallery for Bison, Balrog, Cammy, Ryu and more.

[Thanks JB!]


    Holy Moses in a blanket!

    That guy has some serious talent! All of his work is stunning.

    That's my brother! Damn it... I thought I would be the first person in this family to get onto Kotaku. =P

    It's a pity C.Viper is one of the ugliest character designs ever..

      Seriously? I reckon her design is cool, I just don't like using her to fight with - Akuma ftw!!

      Sweet art btw, kudos to the artist!

    Lots of photopainting / photomanipulation but nicely done still.

    I heard he used three stock images to do the hair alone... haha

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