Beyoncé Can't Do That On Television

As you know, pop diva Beyoncé has teamed up with Nintendo to help promote a DS game. This is that game's TV commercial, which for anyone around the age of 30 has a surprising conclusion.

Watch the clip above. That last part with the green look familiar? It will be to anyone who's ever watched You Can't Do That On Television, a Canadian TV show as famous for discovering Alanis Morisette as it is for its trademark gag, a bucket of green slime being dumped on guests.

I'm not saying that's what the ad's creators were shooting for. It probably wasn't. But as someone who used to watch the show every afternoon, I'd like to think it was.


    what was the point of this story? green slime? pretty flimsy link if you ask me... havent nickelodeon been dropping green slime on people since the early 90s?

    obviously a slow news day at kotaku hq

    Couldn't it also be a reference to Nickolodeon? Did she get slimed on that? I can't remember


    When I was your age we got dumped on when we didn't know something, people would freak you out by doing the complete opposite of what they normally would and burgers were made out of every disgusting thing you can imagine.
    Slow :kids: day in the Kotaku comments.

    haha i remember that show thanks for that , was it the same show where the cafeteria had barf burgers or something

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