Bill Murray Talks Ghostbusters, Wears Sequins

Bill Murray was on Letterman the other night and got talking Ghostbusters. Then he got talking the recent Ghostbusters game. I had to watch it four times to catch it all, so dazzled was I by that shirt.

Watch the clip and you'll hear how much he loved the experience of getting back into the character of Dr Peter Venkman while recording for the game. I'm glad he did, because Venkman's lifeless voice work was probably the most disappointing aspect of the entire game for me, especially when placed next to the amazing job Dan Aykroyd did with Ray Stanz.

Still, it's always nice listening to Bill Murray, seeing as his public appearances are so few and far between. Then again, judging by his attire, there might be a reason for that.

[via Go Nintendo]


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