BioShock 2 Moves Three Million, GTA IV Sales Pass 15 Million

2K's BioShock sequel is off to a good start. Take-Two Interactive announced today that the 2K Marin-developed BioShock 2 has surpassed three million in sales since its release on the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. Good job, Mr Bubbles.

That's a positive step in the BioShock 3 direction, with BioShock 2 quickly catching up to the original game's 4 million lifetime to date sales.

Take-Two also had some sales bragging to do about its biggest cash cow, the Grand Theft Auto series. The publisher has pegged sales of the latest installment, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV, at 15 million units sold worldwide.

Finally, in other million-selling sales news, Take-Two puts sales of Carnival Games at more than six million on the Wii and Nintendo DS. It's continuing to sell so well, Take-Two execs say, that there's no need (yet) for a sequel.


    wow! 15 mil! thats seriously huge, I can't see MW2 passing that even tho it did sell a ton initially.

    How many of that 15 is on 360 - same with Bioshock 2.

    I would LOVE for Bungie to update their Halo 3 sales. They announced 8 million or something back in Jan 2008. After 2 years, an increase of sales during Halo Wars and ODST PLUS the price drop of its RRP has EASILY helped Halo 3 push over the 10 million mark.

    It could even be pushing the 11 million with new Xbox 360 owners and being recommended on HAVING to own Halo if you own an Xbox.

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