BioShock 2's First Expansion Pack Hits March 11

The Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, the first in a series of single and multiplayer downloadable content for Bioshock 2, hits Games for Windows Live, the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace March 11 for about $US5.

The Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, which will include a rank increase to level 50, two new playable characters, 20 new trials, a third weapons upgrade for each weapon and five additional masks, will cost 400 Microsoft Points on the PC and Xbox 360 and $US4.99 on the PS3.

More downloadable content for both BioShock 2's single player and multiplayer will be made in the coming weeks, 2K Games said in their press release this morning.


    A question... will it come with an achievement (for Rank 50)? I REALLY hope it DOESN'T, because I'm honestly not interested in it at all.

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