BioShock's Arcadia Demade For Doom II

Doom fans looking to squeeze more life from Doom II, technologically resistant to joining us in the 21st century, can still see some of Rapture's underwater delights, thanks to this BioShock-inspired "demake" crafted for id Software's classic PC shooter.

That free-to-download Doom homage, curiously enough, comes from BioShock 2's lead level designer. JP LeBreton posted the personal project, created hot on the heels of the arrival of the 2K Marin-created sequel, on his web site. LeBretron was responsible for Arcadia and the Farmer's Market, the sections of BioShock on which he was the primary designer.

The map maker, also responsible for the Pac-Man reference in the original BioShock, offers detailed notes about the Arcadia demake, packed with insider knowledge about the game's creation and its backward journey to Doom II.

Arcade Demade [vector poem]


    That's really cool. I have to admit, when I started mapping, I was not ashamed to play around with Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, etc... they may be outdated, but they're still fun and you can learn a lot from them. It's actually pretty impressive some of the stuff they've done with the Build engine 2005 and onwards even.

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