BioWare’s Secret Countdown Ends On A Bazaar Note

BioWare’s Secret Countdown Ends On A Bazaar Note

The maker of Dragon Age and Mass Effect have ended its online countdown clock teasing, revealing something that isn’t a new game, isn’t a batch of fresh downloadable content and isn’t a port of Mass Effect 2. It’s the BioWare Bazaar.

The BioWare Bazaar isn’t a new game feature, it’s simply a chance for fans of Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins and the developer itself to win free stuff. Some 400-plus items will be up for “auction” starting April 6th, with BioWare fanatics scoring real world goodies through the acquisition of tokens. Those tokens can be won by competing in challenges posed by the @biofeed Twitter account.

The prizes range from mouse pads to Mass Effect and Dragon Age branded PCs, some of which are valued in the thousands. Head over to BioWare’s social site—you’ll need to register to compete—to get the finer details.

BioWare Bazaar [BioWare]


  • The Bazaar is only open to 48 of the 50 US states. Read the rules and regs. Non-US residents are complaining in the Bioware forums already. Even Bioware’s fellow Canadians can’t enter.

    It’s a bit confusing because every bioware social account automatically gets ‘tokens’ (money for bazaar) regardless where you’re from.

  • F’ning BioWare and EA. I really do try hard to like them, but they keep on doing stupid thing like this. Why have such a big countdown some some crappy US only competition? At least have the courage to apologise to the rest of the world.

  • I’m still annoyed I can’t download the firewalker pack for ME2 – instead I get a page exhorting me to pimp Garrus, Thane and Jack for 120 pseudocashpoints. Sorry Bioware, just not interested.

    • Firewalker is free for Cerburus network members. You don’t dload it via the game but from their website. Same place you dloaded day 1 DLC. On the social.bioware site/forum.

      • You talking about PC?
        Cause i downloaded all of content thus far (minus the costumes) in-game through the Cerberus Network. This is an Xbox 360 version…

        I know i had to enter some codes on the Bioware site to confirm it all and be able to download the pre-order armour etc… and the CN aswell. But i still downloaded it FROM XBL/ME2 in-game.

  • well from the 108 pages of community rage that is the official announcement thread thats developed in 12 hours, bioware have burned a hell of alot of bridges with this act.

    so much for “our appreciation of fan support for 15 years” oh only if you are american and not from florida or new york

  • Epic Disappointment.
    So much for Bioware’s community that’s outside the US.
    They should’ve put a large disclaimer that it is only for US residents.
    Though I have a feeling this more EA than Bioware, since it exclude Bioware’s home country Canada as well.

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