Bit.Trip Runner: Like Super Mario Bros, But Musical, Maybe Weirder

Here is Bit.Trip Runner, the first sidescrolling game in the Bit.Trip series of downloadable games for the Wii. Two videos of the game played by G4's Patrick Klepek. Shot by me. Keep the guy running, synced to the music.

Play these videos with sound, and hopefully you'll be able to filter out noisy Game Developers Conference expo floor noise and focus just on the player-propelled techno soundtrack of the game.

Running is automatic. One button to jump, d-pad slides. Jumps are not quite on-beat, but do seem to cue sounds that fit into the soundtrack. Notice how crashing into a wall happens on-beat, making failure its own musical experience.

Bit.Trip Runner is coming to WiiWare exclusively from Gaijin Games, the same creators of Bit.Trip Void, Bit. Trip Beat and Bit.Trip Core.


    Bit.Trip.Beat was side scrolling too though ...

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