Bleach Coming To The Big Screen

Bleach follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a dude with a sword fighting evil spirits. He has powers of the Soul Reaper (think Grim Reaper). Bleach debuted as a manga in 2001 and has since been adapted into an anime.

Hollywood has optioned Bleach for a feature film. Warner Bros is developing the project, which will be produced by Peter Segal, Michael Ewing and Bleach's US manga publisher Viz Media. Peter Segal and Michael Ewing are responsible for films like Get Smart, The Longest Yard remake and 50 First Dates.

Yeah. The guys responsible for the film version of Get Smart, The Longest Yard remake and 50 First Dates.

No word on whether this is live-action or animated, so everybody chill out and enjoy this Bleach opening.

To date, there are nearly 20 video games based on Bleach, including DS fighting game Bleach: The Blade of Fate.

Ghosts Abound in Bleach Adaptation []


    all i can say is "NOT COOL"

      How can you say that!

    But there's already 3 movies!

    Fingers-crossed it'll be as mind-bendingly awesome as Dragonball Evolution.

    /massive, massive sarcasm.

    God i hope they dont screw this up........which is extremely likely. I also know they will probably make ichigo and rukia fall in love and live happily ever after...........SO GAY

      I know man, I mean a girl and a guy falling in love and living happily ever after, that is like the definition of a homosexual relationship... oh wait, no it isn't. Why do people have to use the word gay completely out of context? Call it lame, or stupid, or cliche, but gay makes no sense and makes you sound dumb.

      Anyway, there already are bleach movies, and to be honest they aren't even very good. I'm pretty sure this will be horrible, but maybe they'll just make a direct adaptation of the first season or two of the anime? Maybe even keep it animated? Sure we've all seen it before in the anime itself, but at least then it wouldn't suck.


    The crusade starts here...

    live-action = FAIL

    Anybody play the DS game Dark Souls?
    If so, how awesome is it?
    Such a deep, rich, fighting game with a tonne of characters.
    I play it all the time, already beaten Story mode a few times, Arcade mode with all the characters, and Arcade mode with the setting where you can have a partner with all characters and I still cannot get enough!

    There already are bleach games, and to be honest they are very good .
    you guys can play it here

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