Blur Devs Promise "Massive" DLC Strategy, Just Not At Launch

Blur's developers do have plans for DLC but they don't intend to put any out at launch. In fact, no dates have been set, and they've made clear they're not going to tackle DLC until the main game's finished.

Bizarre Creations is still putting the final coat of polish on the arcade racer, which entered a closed beta last week and releases May 25. Lead designer Ged Talbot told MTV that he can't supply any dates for DLC, "but what I can say is it's always been a massive part of the strategy to support the game with DLC."

The game will launch with 30 tracks and 50 licensed cars, and you can expect power-ups and vehicle mods in there too. While it'll take some time for players to exhaust everything they get on the standard game, one wonders where and how much else Bizarre will be adding, especially if DLC is a "massive" part of the development strategy.

Blur DLC Coming, But Not At Launch [MTV Multiplayer]


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