Bodycount Announced

Bodycount Announced

No, not that Body Count. The cover of the upcoming Official Xbox Magazine reveals Bodycount, the new shooter from the creators of first-person stylised shooter Black.

Apparently, the game is being developed by a team at Codemasters Guildford that is lead by Stuart Black, who worked on Black, the shooter that shares his name. OXM UK describes the game as “a spectacular and frankly mental first-person shooter”.

“We can’t say any more about it,” OXM adds in a now-yanked-story, “save to say that if you like shooting guns in games you are going to really, really love it.” M’kay, then!

Black creator’s new shooter, Bodycount, revealed in OXM
[Google cache via NeoGAF]


  • I really enjoyed Black on xbox.
    It was the last game I played in that generation.
    I completed it on normal, then, because I enjoyed so much went through and completed it on the hardest difficulty.
    The guns were great, life like and fun to fire. And when you shot a guy in the head, he went down.

  • Ok this is very confusing, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an article mentioning they were doing a PS3 super secret exclusive. Unless they are making two games?

  • Black was pretty darn underrated. Even on the PS2 the graphics were awesome, the game mechanics excellent and even stayed pretty true to life (I think that every gun in game carried 2x as many IRL: an AK47 in Black holds 60 rounds). Having said that, anyone know if it’s a single-port exclusive, or is it available on PC as well, or what’s going on with it?

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