Brazilian Kratos Has Magnificently Painted Man Boobs

To mark the official launch of God of War III, Brazil did it in style - complete with Kratos cosplay.

What sells this dress-up of the God of War III protagonist isn't just the bald head or the muscles, but the fantastic make-up job. Bravo!

Midnight Kratos @ SP: Eu fui! [Hadouken]


    this dude needs a bloody medal!

    Gee, whenever I paint on my abs, they never look half that good.

    umm you are confusing awesome manly pecs with manboobs mate. manboobs are what fat men wear. thi sman is buff...


    He's not just buff. He's towering over the crush of journos. The man is a mountain.

    Clearly not the real Kratos....there's still living things in the room!


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