British Sales Charts: Torrential Downpour

I've got to hand it to Heavy Rain. Or Sony's marketing team. Although I thought the game was pretty good, I also thought it would be a tough sell to Average Joe. Guess not, since it's gone #1 in the UK.

Yes, Quanitc Dream's moody crime thriller ousted Ubisoft's Just Dance, if only for a week, the lure of a strong PS3 exclusive outperforming the lure of yet another cheap wagglethon. Whether it'll still be there next week is anyone's guess (I'd say "no"), but it's still a great achievement considering the nature of the game.


    I don't know about marketing... It was ok but not massive (Uncharted 2 had much more marketing power deployed). So... what about word of mouth and simply gamers expressing their need for something new. I mean, first we heard "it will be innovative but clunky and get bad reviews". But the reviews turned out to be excellent (unless you're a blob called Jim Sterling). But still, we heard "it's still going to be a commercial fail", and now we see the sales number higher than expected and 1.5 millions predicted for the end of 2010. I mean, I'm currently playing it, I love it, I'll recommend it to anybody for a very long while and will probably consider it a reference in many years. The average joe is probably much smarter than the average Bobby Kottick thinks ;)

    I would say less marketing and more "this game has been in development for so long that everyone just got more and more hyped for it and word spread".

    I know a few mates who don't own PS3's or give a crap about them and have heard of this title, purely through word of mouth etc... and seem interested in the game.

    Buying a PS3 to play it though, not a choice they are willing to make.

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