Bullet Train? More Like Video Game

More often than not, when politicians utter "video game" in a sentence, it is usually in a pejorative fashion. Here is one occasion when it wasn't.

The United States does not have high speed rail like, say, Japan does. So when US law makers were discussing how advanced Japanese rail is, they did not hesitate to mention how impressed they were.

At a congressional hearing, the Associated Press reports that Illinois Republican Dan Manzullo said he took the bullet train two years ago from Nagoya, where he visited Toyota Motor Corp, to Tokyo. I got to sit right up in front," the congressman said. "It was almost like a video game," he added. "You have to try that sometime."

President Barack Obama revealed an economic stimulus package with eight billion dollars for building a high-speed rail network in the US.

"Japan's population, its density, its geography, make it entirely different when discussing public transportation than with respect to the United States," California Republican Representative Ed Royce said. "We look at economic merit when addressing infrastructure."

Perhaps we've reached a point in which video games can be used by politicians to describe good things!

US lawmakers wowed by Japan bullet train [Yahoo!][Pic]


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