Buy Xbox 360 Accessory, Get Money Back

Buy Xbox 360 Accessory, Get Money Back

Microsoft has started a cashback period for Xbox 360 accessory purchases. You can save 20% off controllers, hard drives, battery packs, Live subscriptions, headsets, wireless network adaptors and more.

The offer runs until April 30. Check the full list of eligible products at the link below.

20% cash back on official Xbox 360 accessories and Xbox Live []


  • So how does this work? i remember it last time but I didn’t buy anything as I didn’t know how it worked. Are prices just lowered or do we actually get money back like going to medicare and getting money back?

    • Check the link in the post for the full details. Basically, you send them your receipt and they refund 20% of the RRP.

  • Wow, the HD DVD player is on that accessory list, plus a bunch of other discontinued stuff. I guess it’s remotely possible there’s still stock somewhere in the country, but otherwise it’s just list bloating.

    • A few months ago I contacted Microsoft directly to ask where you can find a 20GB HDD and they seemed to suggest they were still around, not that it matters – the second I found out about this offer I picked up the 60GB Live Starter Kit!

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