Byteside Games Goes Indie

The latest Byteside is up, exploring the importance of the indie scene in what the creators say is their "best show yet". Click through to see who was on the panel.

For the uninitiated, Byteside isn't a "we are going to decide the ultimate fate of this topic and move on" panel discussion. Rather, it aims to capture the converstations & insights that we in the industry have all the time, but are never published. And of course, a little social lubrication always helps.

This week, Patrick "Patch" Kolan from IGN is alongside myself and very special guest Glen "Radix" Forrester, whose hilarious game "Gnilley", developed in 48 hours, stole the show at the recent GameJam Sydney 2010. You can find more of Forrester's work at

Byteside's fortnightly shows are available on your intertron, or see them live every Tuesday night at the CBD Hotel in Sydney.


    Looks cool! I'll watch the rest when I'm home from work :-)

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