Can You Get Some Concept Art For The Witness? Yes, You Can

Last year, developer Number None of Braid fame announced its next game, The Witness. It was described as "philosophical and quiet" and feature "a heavy emphasis on the way things look". Well, this is what things look like.

Or this concept art is what things will eventually look like, when the puzzle game arrives. The developer has uploaded a batch of concept paintings that reveal the game's island setting, as well as "The house, and its grounds, surrounded by a force field, which is defending it from ... what?" The game's palette is tropical and cool, not too dissimilar from its debut effort.

Given our love of Braid, we're keeping a close eye on The Witness, which will mean some dedicated watching. The game isn't due for release until at least "late 2011".

Concept Art [The Witness]


    Braid = best game of the past 5 years.

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