Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow - Belmont's Inferno

This new batch of screenshots, concept art and enemy renders for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are lovely and all, but I can't help but think the game could use a tie-in with a revered work of religious fiction.

Now I am not calling Lords of Shadow a Dante's Inferno clone, but protagonist Gabriel Belmont is a member of an elite group of holy knights, and a cross is a major part of his arsenal. He even has a wife named Marie who was murdered by a supernatural entity and is trapped for eternity in spirit form, guiding Gabriel on his quest to do bad things to bad things.

I bet if we were to check issues of Reader's Digest from say, the early 1300s, we might find a short story from one D. Alighieri that's a close match for the Lords of Shadow plot, perhaps with an editor's note: needs more circles.


    2.5D Symphony of the Night is what we need.

    Yeah, but does Dante have Kojima? (who, by the way, doesn't need to make metal gear anymore)

    ...Goblins? Ok, I wasn't a Nintendo kid back in the day, but I'm pretty sure Castlevania never had Goblins before.

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