CEO: We'll 'Explore The Possibility' Of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Creative types like game directors saying they'd love to do a remake of Final Fantasy VII, that's one thing. But now the CEO himself says the company will, at least, "explore the possibility" of doing so.

Yoichi Wada, the president and chief executive of Square Enix, told Siliconera that the company has heard its fans' pleadings to remake FFVII, made nearly 13 years ago for the original PlayStation.

"Right now we don't have a clear direction, but many fans have requested we remake Final Fantasy VII," Wada said. "We're going to explore the possibility - whether or not we're going to do it, if we're going to do it and the platform."

Previously, Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama said Final Fantasy VII was the remak he wanted to do most. "If we can get the number of people we need by all means that would be the one I would really want to remake."

Before that, Yoshinori Kitase, the director of Final Fantasy VII (and producer of FFXIII) pegged the likelihood of a FFVII remake to Square Enix's ability to finish such a project inside of a year. "But if any such situation came about by any remote chance, then yes, we'd do it!" Kitase said.

So who knows. Doing it inside of a year sounds nigh impossible, but it may no longer be an operative statement. Siliconera dropped this as a teaser for a more complete interview later, implying that Wada might be thinking about a PSP remake. More whenever that comes out.

Square Enix CEO Comments On Final Fantasy VII Remake [Siliconera]


    Nooooo, come on, don't do this. Let's focus our efforts on an ORIGINAL game...!

      Uh, pretty sure Square hasn't released an original game since 1985. Sure, they've released games with new names, but not original games...

    Either do it or don't. Stop dangling carrots in front of us and most importantly PLEASE FOCUS IN NEW CONTENTS.

    FFVII is so bloated already with the addition of AC/BC/CC and DC. Let's leave the franchise alone and make more innovative stuff, like what you did when you made Vagrant Story, k? Oh wait I forgot, the FFXII team isn't even there anymore... :(

    If they dare release the remake on PSP, I will never play another final fantasy game.

    Exciting! Loved FFVII. My favourite so far.
    Keen on FFXIII Versus right now so release that and maybe do the FFVII remake while storyboarding a new FF game after XIII / XIV Online.

    Much excited.

    YES remake VIII, please remake VIII!!! Stuff VII, VIII was the better game! (awaits flaming :P)

      VIII was extremely underrated, best game in the series by far

        FFVIII story was a bit ruined when everyone came from the same orphanage. Come on. And using summons/eidolons to lvl/boost stats. Was a bit tedious.

        But I did enjoy the game immensely. Just that Sephiroth. Is. Awesome.

        I beg to differ... if anything IX holds that title much more...

        Great story, nice return to more "simpler" systems and it actually gave some personality back to the characters.. whats that a Knight can't be the comedy relief for once? yeesh!

        Most of this was lost one the majority who went "ewwww... SD?!? Square FAILS! I want my real life like characters plx!" and whatnot. The only real problem I had with the game was... the utterly useless and bugged card game >.>;;; Which is a pity coz the Card game on FFVIII was one of its few real gems.

      loved viii too but seriously, as if junction system over materia system

      Flame incoming. FFVIII was the pits of the series. Someone on Kotaku US made a good case that it's you VIII lovers who are doing all the complaining about XIII; in any event, I've always used "liked FFVIII" as shorthand for "no taste".

      Why do I hate FF8?
      * The most annoying "hero" in the series; the only time I've ever really hated the guy I'm forced to control.
      * Draw system is still the worst power/levelling system they've ever done, as is the equipment upgrading stuff (FFXIII gives it a run on both counts, though).
      * Horribly contrived romance story, nonsensical main story (ok, the Laguna bits were good, but nothing else) and stupid finish.
      * All the main characters have the same background, differ in terms of a surface character trait (grumpy Squll, genki Selphie, guy-with-gun Irvine, martial arts guy Zell... did any of them have more personality than that? They did not. Only Laguna's bit had interesting characters.
      * The only interesting villian is Seifer and he gets tossed aside inconsequentially. The sorceresses have no personality at all.
      * Incredibly long unskippable summons.

      On the plus side, the card game was awesome. The music was great. And the animation of Rinoa's hair was clearly where all the work went.

      Between FF8 and the Final Fantasy movie, I assumed that Square just didn't have any competent writers for a couple of years, but luckily they hired some in time for IX and X.

        Yo I loved FF8 and I am also loving FF13. I AM ONE PERSON, YOUR STATEMENT IS NULLIFIED.

    If they did I would buy any console they released it on. I am a PC gamer but seriously I would be so happy to see it in decent glory.

    And on the subject of VIII if they did remake VIII they would need to make it a little more friendly as a lot of the time I had no idea where I was going or what I was meant to be doing to the point I just gave up and played something else.

    what would be good is if they did something like God of War. which did an update to GoW1+2 to be released alongside 3.

    and thats exactly what they should do for FF7

      not really since GoW 1 and 2 arent on what is now considered ancient tech

      i think youd find that bringing the graphics up to a decent point would basically just mean redo the whole thing

      Besides you can play it in its old glory on the PS3 now anyways so really its all or nothing

    You know what else fans have been pleading for? A third Chrono game.
    But we're not gonna get that 'cause Chrono Trigger DS, a remake of a fifteen year old game that was already remade once before, only sold like one million copies.

      I have honestly no idea why they haven't made a Chrono sequel. The franchise has awesome goodwill. Even people who've never played them have heard of how good Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross were. I just assume everyone they've sent to try and plot it has come back insane and giggling.

    FF VII is the only FF game I've ever played. I played it when it was originally released at one of those Playstation gaming kiosks at Kmart, and (dare I say it) I didn't like it (the turn based combat aspect).

    But since then I've played Blue Dragon and liked it and I just got Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey and Last Remnant, so one day I might download FF VII off PSN and give it another go.

    I'd rather have a FF 6 remake on ps3 than a FF 7 remake.

      Same here. VII's gotten waaay too much airtime in recent years. Fanboys need to sit back and chill. Let SE remake some older Final Fantasies first.

    Meh, I'd prefer FF V or VI on the DS.

    Man, i hope they make a VI remake on the iphone/ipod touch.

    I would rather see how FFVI would like on PS3/360 graphics. Now, I'm not usually one who cares about graphics and all... but really. Can you imagine how amazing FFVI would look?

      Clearly you do care about graphics a great deal otherwise you would have noticed that the thing that makes VI such a brilliant, timeless classic is it's magnificent 2d animation.

    Hey Square! I have an idea for you since you listen to fans so much. How about you stop all this nonsense of updating VII and release Xenogears and Chrono Cross on the playstation store so all us peasents in australia who NEVER GOT TO PLAY IT OVER A DECADE AGO CAN DO SO!!!

    If I ran Square I'd be all like "You want to play Final Fantasy 7 on the PS3? Log in to the store. It's right there for $15. If you need us we'll be using our time and energy constructively on things that, you know, HAVEN'T been beaten to such a bloody pulp that every one who appreciated their brilliance long ago has become disgusted by the original product."

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