Commodore 64 Rises From The Grave

The Commodore 64, perhaps Britain's greatest ever invention, is a machine beloved by many who grew up in the 1980s. Like me. Which is why it's fun to hear that it's making a comeback.

A new company, Commodore USA, is currently digging through the rights to the ol' C64, and once acquired, intends to release a new model. Not a "classic" re-release, an all-new, 21st century computer-in-a-keyboard.

There's no word yet on whether this new C64 would be geared towards gaming, as the original wound up being, or whether it'll simply be a novelty PC. Whichever it turns out to be, it'll be good seeing that chompy "C" logo again.

The Commodore 64 was originally released in 1982, and would dominate the mid-80s home computing scene until its decline later in the decade.

Note the pic above isn't the actual unit. Just a concept whipped up by Gizmodo, based on a similar existing product, the Cybernet ZPC GX31.

The Return of the Commodore 64 [Gizmodo]


    The Commodore 64 was the first computer I ever owned. Ah, memories! I wrote my first ever program on it (and no, 10 PRINT "Dean was here" 20 GOTO 10 doesn't count!)

    That's kind of cool, but if they realistically want to make a mainstream[ish] comeback, the machine would have to be 1) practical, like maybe a media/web machine for HDTVs, with somewhat of a gaming capability, and some kind of features that current consoles don't have and 2) affordable... i.e. less than a Mac Mini or something to that effect.

    I mean, media PC's are kind of chunky and a bit stupid when wi-fi media streaming is so easy... why have the machine itself in your lounge?

    Eh, it could be really good, but all that said, I'm 95% positive that yeah, it will be some super expensive novelty computer.

    I'm wishing someone would make a new Atari 800... mine still gets fairly regular use, and updated model would be too much fun.

    Sweet. Now remake Dangerous Dave and the haunted mansion for me.

    Another visitor. Stay awhile, stay FOREVER!

      Haha! Your robots shall never destroy me!

      Poor old elvin atombender, he was one of the earliest to feel the sting of game addiction and it turned him into a madman

    If the C64 is making a comeback and there's not games available for sale it'll spark a massive wave of piracy

    Its not like they'd get rights holders to agree to selling old games cheap and drm free anyway. Imagine if the rights to some of the classic c64 games ended up being owned by ubisoft, you'd have to be online permanently whilst playing Paradroid and if your net connection went down for even a second you'd be booted back to the start of the entire bloody ship. The upside being that you could store your save games online!!!

    No Commodore Amiga was my machine.
    That is what they should focus on instead.

    But interesting, I will keep an eye on it.

    That would be cool if they bring out all wireless original c64 controllers for those downloadable classics :)

    yup a hologram screen would work wonders

    if only it was british...

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