Cooking Mama Inevitably Turns To Crafting

Cooking Mama Inevitably Turns To Crafting

A year after we discovered a trademark registration for it, Majesco is finally ready to make Crafting Mama official. The woman with the most free time in the world returns this fall with a whole new bag of domestic tricks.

She’s taught you how to cook, helped you cultivate your garden, and now she’s going to show you scrapbooking! Your DS stylus is a universal crafting tool in Crafting Mama, allowing you to glue, cut, paste and sew your way through a host of new mini-game challenges, including quilt making, candle making, birdhouse building and jewellery craft. If you’ve tripped over it at your local Hobby Lobby, it’s likely you’ll find it in Crafting Mama. You’ll even be able to use your creations, for instance, you can sew Mama a new apron and then dress her up in it, or decorate her house with the items you create.

Yes, you are now Mama’s little crafting bitch.

“Crafting is a natural extension of our most successful franchise,” said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco Entertainment. “Much like last spring’s Gardening Mama, Crafting Mama combines the award-winning Mama formula of addictive stylus-based activities with a popular pastime that has been underserved in video games. We’re looking forward to sharing Mama’s newest hobby with her vast and diverse group of fans this holiday season.”

The game will ship with more than 40 craft projects, along with a scrapbook in which you can save pictures of your creations. You can even team up with a friend via local multiplayer, if the crafting gets too tough for you alone.

Look for Crafting Mama to hit the DS and DSi sometime in the second half of 2010.

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