Crackdown 2 Busting Heads In July

Crackdown 2 Busting Heads In July

Ruffian Games and Microsoft do what they can to take care of the traditional summer gaming drought with Crackdown 2, heading to the Xbox 360 the first week of July.

2007’s free-roaming superhero cop game was a blockbuster hit, thanks in no small part to the inclusion of beta access to Halo 3 included in every box. We’ll find out how well the franchise stands on its own two feet this July, when Crackdown 2 hits the Xbox 360. North America gets the first crack on July 6, with Asia, Australia, and New Zealand jumping in on July 8 and a European release coming a day later.

Celebrating news of the impending launch, Ruffian has released a video documentary called “Fun with Friends,” which discusses the sort of fun you and three other players can have restoring justice to Pacific City. Doesn’t that look like fun?


  • Like many others i bought crackdown for the beta. But while waiting for other games to come out I played all the way through it and really enjoyed it. Im looking forward to the next one.

  • …I’m definitely not sold on this. It seems a lot like they’ve lost track of what made the first game so memorable, and they’re just adding these needless features over the top of it.

  • So soon? I was really expecting a later 2010 release. Although its not some COD or Halo seller, i still thought later. It’s obviously been in development for some time then…

    Good news i guess – but that just adds another title. Especially in open-world with Red Dead coming out.

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