Crysis 2 Footage Looking As Nice As Expected

Crysis 2 is at the Game Developers Conference, seemingly there not just for its own ends, but to help developer Crytek shill its engine, CryEngine 3. It's doing a very good job.

Even though this is off-screen footage, the point still comes across that this is one good-looking game, especially so when you consider most of the stuff shown here is for the console versions of Crysis 2, not the "flagship" PC edition.

Crysis 2 will be out for the PC, 360 and PS3 towards the end of the year.


    I just hope we dont get some half baked game intended for console

      Well too bad, you're probably going it. And i'm glad if thats the case - cause at least I get my console fix! :)

      But this is kinda pointless until we see a proper quality video. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be another Killzone 2. Especially when i saw COVER SYSTEM - was that horrible or WHAT in K2.


        What was wrong with Killzone 2? I was amazed they got a cover system to work, I genuinely liked it... not that I'd want to see it in every FPS, but it worked well enough as far as I'm concerned.

          Don't worry he's a fanboy.

        How is this trailer not a proper quality video? Its a HD cryengine3 tech trailer, cryengine3 won't be a half baked console port, even though the upgrade may not look like much its doing a lot, the lighting effects alone are a large improvment.

        Maybe people don't realise that the graphics are quite fine. PC gamers have had a great difference to consoles in later stages of console development. This will be ported down for consoles obviously, but if this is what people are worried about, I highly doubt Crytek of all people would make a bad PC version.

        The cover system in KZ2 was superb - one of the best features of one of the best FPS's ever made.

    I like the way all those neon signs are still lit up despite it looking like the New York from I Am Legend :p

    But really, this is the kind of game I might play on PC... not that the console versions won't be spectacular, it's just with the first, the only appeal kinda came from it's graphics. We'll see anyway...

    Maybe I need to see this directly (no CAM) but looking at that it didn't seem strides better than the graphics level of shooters coming out already?

      Its no surprise really. I'm amazed that they are releasing it for this gen of consoles at all. It's a pretty safe assumption that it's been dialed down for this reason.

    I don't want the game... but I DO want that engine. Anyone got a spare few hundred grand?

    @Nathan: You get free access to CE3 when you buy Crysis 2, just like you got a version of CE2 with the original.

    You can't make commercial products on it, but you have access to everything you need to make a mod with the tools.

    god, they better market this engine well to other companies, the live create feature in particular seems to make multiplatform stuff less of a hassle.

    I'm really hoping CryEngine3 gets licensed by more devs than CryEngine2, its so much nicer looking than freaking UE3.

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