Darksiders Puts The PC Back In Apocalypse

THQ's apocalyptic adventure Darksiders isn't forgetting about the PC gaming crowd, with a slightly late port of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game coming to Windows users at some point in the future.

The official reveal of Darksiders for the PC doesn't offer much in the way of details, just getting the non-console crowd prepped for a port of the Vigil Games-developed title. The official Darksiders site does note that we should expect "key features" like "user-defined resolutions" and both keyboard and game pad controls "up to the standards for today's discerning PC consumer."


    Nice, was planning to take a look at this at some point, aparently there were some screen tearing issues on the 360 version so I was eventually going to grab it on PS3. But if I can expect to grab it off steam at half the price of console retail then giggyup.

      Crikey! Sounds painful.

    Well, I approve of PC ports in all cases, buuuut... this game doesn't seem appropriate. Platformer. Strict camera. Not to mention that the game is average at BEST.

    Yay. I like this style of game yet I only have a PC (Wii sort of does not count). Now if only CAPCOM would announce a PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 ....

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