Dead Mario And Crucified Jesus

To depict the true meaning of game over, artist Kordiana Lewandowskeigo called on Mario, Princess Peach and, well, Jesus.

Carved by a 24-year-old Michelangelo, La Pietá shows Mary cradling Jesus in her lap after he has been crucified. The statue was vandalised in the early 1970s when an Australian geologist took a hammer to the sculpture. The work resides in St. Peter's Basilica behind bullet proof (and hammer proof) glass.

Lewandowskiego's work "Game Over" is made from a large block of polystyrene foam and features Peach holding Mario in her arms. The work is gaming's take on Michelangelo's sculpture.

This photo should give you an idea of just how large the completed work is.

Pieta "Game Over" by ~Kordianl on deviantART [deviantART][Pic]


    Great sculpture, wonder how long that took him. :)

    Laszlo Toth, wielding a Geologist's hammer and shouting, "I am Jesus Christ — risen from the dead", attacked the statue, with fifteen blows removed the Virgin's arm at the elbow, knocked off a chunk of her nose, and chipped one of her eyelids.

      Wait, what?

    The scale comparison looks shopped. Probably no bigger than 6 inches.

      sounds like you are speaking from experience...

        i can tell from the pixels and having seen a few shops in my time

          LoL "I can tell by the pixels." Classic.

          Then explain the background of the work in progress picture at the top?

            Obviously the work in progress was taken in a doll house to make it SEEM bigger that it is. I mean what kind of artist actually creates works of true art now days? Somebody was absent the day they handed out manners. It is a very nice rendition.

            I don't know man. Deviant art would advertise something that's not legit.


      i don't think it's can check it out here and go to his main page for his other works.


      Yer Duhm.

    Dude is this made of Styrofoam? Lol.

    This is so epic.

    Um... grammar correction here.

    You probably took the artist's name from his portfolio title, which is "Portfolio Kordiana Lewandowskiego". Now, the trouble is, the guy is Polish, and Polish is an inflexional language: the title would translate into English as "Kordian Lewandowski's Portfolio" - the form you thought to be his full name is actually the genetive form. His full name in its basic form is Kordian Lewandowski. Please, do make the correction, I'm sure you don't want to have an error in the text.

    I'll just be blunt. This isn't photoshopped. For one, look at the foam shavings on the ground in the first picture. Also look at the background.

    Besides, it's foam. Why WOULDN'T it be big? It's probably light as a feather.

    Stop accusing everything of being 'shopped.'

    This is an incredible statue! I have always been curious to the art of foam sculpting, and this is at the apex. I wonder how it would look with color?

    Hello sonic, I'm a guy who made this sculpture :) It has 133 x 200 x 105 cm You probably thought that is photoshop montage because I little change a contrast.

    Is is my webside:

    there is more photos. And I will show photos and movies from my exhibition on you tube soon :)

    wow 0_o is amazing, is so big!!!
    ... nice sculpture i like it

    This is quite an amazing sculpture!

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