Deal Brings MLG Tournaments To EA Sports Titles In 2010

Tournaments sanctioned by Major League Gaming will be a multiplayer feature of certain upcoming EA Sports titles, under a deal announced today by the two parties that proposes to establish "the definitive ranking system for sports gamers in North America".

The pact deepens the ties between MLG and EA established last year with a live tournament series called the EA Sports Challenge Series. Under this new development, EA Sports titles will include new multiplayer lobbies specifically for MLG-sanctioned and refereed tournaments. Players victories, defeats and other stats will then be tracked and compiled in a profile, "enabling the definitive ranking system for sports gamers in North America," according to a joint announcement.

No specific titles were mentioned, just that the online tournaments would begin in 2010. The remainder of the announcement touted the marketing potential of the partnership.


    This would be awesome if it ever got going in Australia... a dedicated TV station would help too :)

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