Describe Sony In One Word

Can you sum up your feelings towards Sony in one word? These people did. Well, most of them did. Others needed a few more than one.

Gizmodo hit the streets of New York the other day to poll Average Joe on their feelings towards the Japanese super company, manufacturers of the PlayStation. The answers are about what I've come to expect when average people are asked their thoughts on something with a camera in their face: relentless opinion, soaked in ignorance (cheap??) with the occasional piece of brilliant insight (the "circus" and "shiny" guys are spot-on) sprinkled throughout.

Be warned before you press play: some fanboys can't help themselves on camera, so there are some naughty words.

Video: Describe Sony In A Word [Gizmodo]

Gizmodo Asks

by wjang



    I'm going with "Overrated" on this one. Nothing personal against the brand, just the fact that everything i've bought from them tends to stuff up (PS1, PS2, 2xMD players, car stereo, home stereo.) They remind me of Apple (pricey, but attractive products) but a bit less reliable....

    How to describe this article in one word.


    Im a big sony fan, but one word to describe their attitude to consumers? how about 'Detached.'

    Describe "Samsung" in one word : "Cheap"
    Describe "Sony" in one word: "Overpriced"
    Describe "Apple" in one word: "Overrated"
    Describe "Microsoft" in one word "Unreliable"
    Describe "Nintendo" in one word "Greedy"
    Describe "Kotaku" in one word "priceless"

    If we're talking games, I'd say: "stupid". Clarification - they make an awesome console, then let hubris take over when it comes out. Price it out of reach for most people. Advertise it poorly.

    Then with the games - some fantastic games which are exclusive to their system. They don't advertise them. If they do, it's done badly.

    I love my PS3, but Sony really needs to fire their marketing department and, I dunno, steal Apple's.


    I think the only person to get it right said "overrated"...

    But that said, I have wet dreams about my Bravia.


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