Deus Ex 3, Smoke If You've Got 'Em

To promote the upcoming cyber punk game Deus Ex, game Eidos Montreal posted an image of a lighter. Wow. That's so exciting!

Eidos Montreal community guy René blogs, "I can't say a darn thing about this other than people who like to go into details will shortly have some new material to dissect."

While the image is stunning, it is, well, a lighter. And hey, another image from the game shows smoking. Could it be? Could this lighter be used to... light cigarettes? Can't wait for the next pic of an ashtray!

New Deus Ex Image (official) - Eidos Forums [Eidos Montreal via Dtoid]


    This is the kind of game that looks like it will underwhelm... you know it's going to be a Bioshock situation... a really good game, but insanely dumbed down over System Shock. I'd say "approach with caution" but I'm too afraid I'll get beaten up by someone weilding a mouse and keyboard...

      Well if they have learnt from Deus Ex 2 i dont think there will be a problem of over Simplifying the game, thats wat made the first one so great.

      But in the end it WILL be simplified if its being released for console also, but i dont think that will be the case, (well wiki reckons so, take it as u wish :P)

    Hmm.. still lookin kinda Blade Runner x Dirty Harry there (which is fine by me), but if art direction is all they have to show then I'm not feeling very hopeful about the game.

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