Do You Love This Love Plus DSi XL? How About This One?

For a moment, forget that Nintendo is releasing new portable hardware. Just imagine, there's you, schoolgirl Manaka and a DSi XL.

Dating simulator Love Plus is quite popular in Japan. It is getting an updated version this winter called Love Plus Plus, complete with special DSi XL bundles that come in three colours and three characters: Manaka (light blue), Rinko (green) and Nene (pink).

Nintendo has been including Love Plus in its DSi XL ad campaign to demonstrate the new handheld's larger screen.

To amuse itself, the Japanese internet has been posting photos of customised Love Plus DS portables.

ラブプラス+の公式痛DSi公開。だがそれは、多くの先人が辿った道。 [読みゲー]


    Oh my God, what is that last one?

      I must have it.

    Very straight looking men dressed up in girl's clothes and sailor dresses seems to be the latest fad in Shinjuku's...I was riding a bike recently and the straightest salary man type head was wearing a sailor mini skirt waiting at the traffic lights...wasn't even causing a stir!

    seems like salary man head on girls body is gay chic.

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