Do You Want Gears Of War 3 To Look Like This?

Epic Games makes Gears of War and, if Kotaku had to guess, maybe someday a sequel. At Game Developers Conference, Epic showed their latest Unreal game engine upgrades, including fancy foliage tech, pictured here. Want it in a Gears?


    Jungles were so last year, its snowy alpine this year.

      snowy alpines are soo 2008, hence why gears 2 had snow.

    It would be cool to have Gears 3 set in a jungle (maybe a chapter or two...)
    But i can imagine PS3 fanboys saying Uncharted rip-off which is face-palm.

    Uncharted rip off?
    More like Tomb Raider rip off (which Uncharted is).

      except unchartered is better than anything tomb raider has ever done

    Looks like theyre kicking it up a knotch, what with Rage/IDtech5 expected this year. I do like the the tech though, but I can help feeling that at the end of the day it will still have that trade mark "unreal enginess" look that has plagued games over the past few years.

    Less generic looking games plz.

    Guys its just a tech demo why are you saying its ripped off a game? Its a damned jungle with some ruins they exist outside of gaming its not like Tomb Raider or Uncharted invented them..

    This looks good but it still appears a bit under the bar of Crysis. I've no doubt however, it will also run a lot better. Nice shadows now. The water looks a bit crap up close but from the distance shots looks much better. Glad to see this kind of tech, the Unreal engine is generally good on PC so the more console ports we get using an engine like this the better we will be.

    Mass Effect was made with [a modified version of] Unreal, I think people give the engine shit when really its the creators that just don't use the engine to its potential. Its more a creative design floor rather the engine when it comes to people using flushed out colours (when clearly the engine can do nice colours and interesting environments) and non-inspired architecture.

    Looks nice, yes pls.

    It's got entirely too much colour for a Gears of War game.

      Which is why I would play this one.

      but then again they can't release a GoW3 that looks like GoW 1 or 2. And video games love to imitate movies. I think you'll find Avatar will be having a strong impact on a number of blockbuster titles over the next 18 months.

    Personally I don't care where its set.
    If it has a chainsaw on my assault rifle then I want it.

    The foliage is really nice, and the water looks pretty cool, but the low res shadows are kinda off putting. Very very pixelated.

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