Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy Nixed On Xbox 360 Live

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy Nixed On Xbox 360 Live

A change to the Xbox Live code of conduct this morning now allows gamers to express their sexual orientation in Xbox Live profiles or Gamertags.

The new policy states:

“You may use the following terms to express your relationship orientation in your profile or Gamertag: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Straight.

Other terms regarding relationship orientation are not allowed. In addition you may not use these terms or any other terms regarding relationship orientation to insult, harass, or any other pejorative use against other users.”

Last April, Microsoft officials met with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to discuss the way Microsoft was handling the banning of players for using terms to describe sexual orientation.

This morning the head of Xbox Live policy and enforcement wrote on Twitter that he was “proud to announce” the worldwide changes made live today with a “Special thanks to GLAAD and Microsoft’s LGBT community for guidance on the terms.”


  • about time. i know a kid from my school that used to be a man but is now an extremely ugly woman, freaky as hell but they shouldnt be oppressed.

    As long as they dont go on about their surgery and all sorts of explicitly gay stuff im fine with it XD

    • I can’t imagine why Microsoft needs to implement such a code of conduct.

      Think before you post next time, OK?

  • It’s a good step MS and a pretty good medium meeting point with GLAAD I have to admit. I think it’ll be interesting to see the effect this has on xbl though in the long run with people using it against others via insults unfortunately.

  • I believe its a ridiculous choice. This is by no means a homophobic opinion.

    I just believe, Xbox Live is used for Online Gaming its a Gaming Service and NOT a Social Networking Site. Okay, it has Facebook and Twitter but they are separate services that are offered THROUGH Xbox Live.

    Your Gamertag should only list the credentials towards your gaming. It’s not a dating service or anything like that, so your sexuality or even your sex for that matter is totally unnecessary.

    Gays and Lesbians are becoming more and more socially acceptable. So they should – they’re still only human. But having the right to express your sexual orientation on Xbox Live isn’t a step forward in Gay Rights. Young kids use Xbox Live and I know their are Parental Controls & all, but they don’t need to see something listing themselves as Transgender (as a joke or seriously). Young kids then start asking questions that they are too young to understand or need to know.

    I’m not saying that young children should be brought up in a “straight world” and should be avoided for as long as possible about Gays – if anything they should be taught to accept those who are different to themselves or others. But i still believe this is such a waste and more of MS doing it to shut the GLAAD up and prevent any criticism that may affect XBL or sales.

    XBL is used to play games and buy things FOR games. If you cannot do that and use its service for what it is, shut your hole or in a nice way, P/O.

  • I’m a little confused as to why anyone needs to express their “relationship orientation” on Xbox live anyway. What’s it got to do with being a gamer / playing online games?

    Personally, I play online with a decent number of regular players, and apart from knowing that a number are married to each other, wouldn’t know and couldn’t care less what their “relationship orientation” is – they’re good people to play and chat with, some of whom would have your back in RL if needed.

    Maybe I’m just old fashioned and define myself through more substantial means / qyualities.

  • SHORT VERSION: Having only a predesignated set of labels is stupid and driven more by political motives than any desire for tolerance. We should let people label themselves in the manner they wish. As Captain Jack Harkness said, “You people and your quaint little categories…”

    LONG VERSION: The fact you can only use a specific set of pre-approved terms is utterly outrageous.

    For one, many people who’s preferences are towards members of the same sex (exclusively) do not use the term “gay.” They often prefer “homosexual” or “same-gender-loving.” Why? Because “gay” has now become a cultural-political identity group that has very little to do with who one sleeps with.

    Think about it: most of the “gay stereotype” is based on cultural mannerisms with little or no relationship to who one sleeps with. Additionally, it is often based on politics: “gay” automatically implying “votes for leftist politicians.”

    “Gay” is now no longer about who you sleep with. It’s about the music you like, clothes you wear, and who you vote for. It’s about affiliations with lobby groups and social groups.

    So now, the gay lobby has got Microsoft to basically say “On Xbox Live, the only way one can indicate a preference for same-sex relations is to buy in to our cultural mileu where same-sex-relations is package-dealt with shopping how we do, voting how we do, thinking how we do and thinking of yourself not as an individual with a preference but as a member of our collective first and foremost.”

    Xbox Live is a private service with specific terms of use that Microsoft is free to choose. However, if Microsoft wants to continue being known for being accepting towards nonheterosexual persons (GLEAM – Gay and Lesbian Employees At Microsoft, has always been welcomed by Microsoft), then a better solution would be to simply drop the restriction and allow people to identify themselves however they wish, and implement blocking tools to avoid the idiotic XBL retard type.

    But no, unfortunately we have to deal with politicized minority groups that are more concerned with having nice clean “classes” for their “us against them” pseudo-Marxist class analysis social politics.

    And yes, I know not all self-identified gay persons actually drink the Kool-Aid. But self-identified gay persons is not the same thing as the ideological higher ups in “Gay Inc” (and it is these higher-ups I’m criticizing).

    Too bad that XBL is now adopting this “pre-designated labels” approach. Its the sexual-orientation equivalent of epistemological Kantianism.

    Captain Jack Harkness said it best: “You people and your quaint little categories…” Why can’t we just let people identify themselves in the manner they wish to identify themselves?

  • I think for the most part our society is becoming a more accepting place.

    Sure there are bigots, but there are parts of the world where I as a middle class white man would have bigotry used against me.

    In a world as chaotic as this, its easy to jump at every shadow, and whilst MS can have a lot of things thrown at it, bigotry aint there thing.

    Theyd rather sell to everyone..

    What I will say, is that this sort of classification is ridiculous in any place, anyone who understands how a human actually forms realises that. Were all just human cocktails, all mixed a lil different.

    To those people, sometimes such matters are overlooked, because we really dont factor them or care about them. Weve moved on. So having a dozen different references to your sexuality doesnt phase us, if you want it sure, you can use it.. but to us everyones just a human, different strokes for different folks.

    The only people who care, are the ones who either feel they have a flag to carry, or the bigots.

    But sure, the modern world of ‘humans’ will listen to you masses whine, because you guys ARENT a minority anymore, weve scientifically proven that remember?

    Shall we start listing hues of skin varients, hair types and eye colour too?
    When will you people wake up and realise how counter-intuitive you are being..

    Btw: I demand MS put a listing for all us ‘asexuals’ out there.. and ‘non-sexuals’… also ‘inbredders’.. and while Im at it tack ‘anons’ on the end, just for lolz.

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