Don't Miss Our Liveblog Of Sony's GDC Press Conference

Sony's 2010 Game Developers Conference press conferences kicks off at 4pm Pacific (11am AEDT), and we'll be there live, bringing you up-to-date news on the big announcement, interesting tidbits, and what music they're playing before the speakers take the stage.

Sony is hosting a large press event this year at the Game Developers Conference, and we expect big news from it. The company should have plenty to talk about, so you should definitely tune in. Possible news includes new game reveals, the official naming of the PlayStation motion controller, and perhaps news on how the company plans to make the faltering PSPgo more attractive to the consumer.

I'm hoping they announce a new version of the PSPgo that's longer, loses the slider, and includes a UMD drive. That would be spectacular.

Oh wait.


    They are going to release the PS4 which will cost $4000, and will give them a $2000 dollar loss per unit, lol.

    Thanks for the time convert, it was way too early for me to figure it out.

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