Downhill Office Chair Racing Gets Extreme Motion

We saw a peek of Slider yesterday when he trailer was released, but today I got a chance to zip down a paved street on an office chair with the help of the PS3 Move controller first-hand.

At first blush Slider looks an awful lot like the Playstation Network's physics-heavy downloadable title Pain. But Sony assures me that the game was produced internally at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

The cartoonish graphics and real world physics are a perfect fit for the basic premise and controls of the game. There appears to be some sort of back story, angry mobster types eluded to at the beginning and end of the game, but Slider isn't the type of title you play for the plot.

In slider you have to navigate a sometimes crowded, often steep downhill street on an office chair. The control your trip you hold the Move controller in one hand and wave it slowly down at the ground to get your character to push the chair with his or her foot.

You can also push the "squiggle button" on top of the controller to lean back in your chair to go under things and snap the controller toward you to hop over or onto objects. To turn you tilt the controller side to side, pressing buttons on the right or left sides of the squiggle button to pull off sharper turns.

That's it. Pretty straight forward stuff, but just what the doctor ordered for a system that should really be as much about casual, pick-up-and-play gaming as it is about one-to-one motion and high definition motion detecting.

You can check out some more screens of Slider here.


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