Dwindling Show Hopes To Be World's Biggest Game Gathering

From a Japanese game developer saying that the Japanese industry was "finished" to lower attendance, last year's Tokyo Game Show was disastrous. This year can only go up.


This year's TGS is the 20th Tokyo Game Show, and organisers have announced "a new midterm vision of becoming 'The No.1 Information Network in the Asian Region' and 'The World's Largest Event!'"

OK, the first one sounds doable. Maybe. But the second one?

As part of its goal, this year's Tokyo Game Show will feature a beefed up PC area, gadget area, mobile phone area and kiddy area. Because today's kids are tomorrow's adults or something.

And this year, the private business-only days have been opened up somewhat. Business day tickets will go on sale to those in the game industry who register in advance. This is a change as in previous years, business days were invite-only.



    That picture must be from near closing time because TGS was still crowded last year. Not as big as last year, sure, but still crowded.

    There was also absolutely no new stuff on display last year. No new announcements, no new footage, only a few new games to demo that hadn't been seen elsewhere. If not for the fact that my girlfriend managed to finally get a Tachikoma doll, the whole thing would've been a waste of time.

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