EA Sports Getting More Active With Fitness Game Sequel

With the first game a surprising hit, EA Sports revealed today that a second EA Sports Active game is in development, this time called...EA Sports Active 2.0 (working title!).

Like its predecessor, it'll focus on more energetic workouts than Nintendo's rival Wii Fit, and will include a heart rate monitor, leg and arm straps with their own motion sensors and "a new online hub to track and share workout data".

Unlike its predecessor, however, it won't just be coming to the Wii, with EA Sports Active also to be released on the PlayStation 3, iPhone and iPod Touch.

It'll be out this "Fall".


    You mean a new IP, as opposed to EA Sports Active 'sequel' More Workouts?

    I actually don't know anything about this game... but does it make use of the Wii Fit platform thingo, well #1 anyway?

    Not like it is much interest to me, but is it not possible for it work with Xbox's Natal or something? Does not holding pieces of plastic affect your fitness somehow?

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